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We see women as playing a critical role in raising the future generations and we understand that they often must find a balance between the parenting/motherhood role and the demands of work in business and professions. With the course, we aim to provide the tools and methodologies to make the journey as a women empowerment coach easy.
We will train the participant to become a Certified Transformation Coach Practitioner to help the clients overcome their personal struggles coping with life stressors and to design their personal action plan for success. The Trainee will be provided strategies and tools to help clients live sustainable and harmonious lives, with more love, peace, harmony, prosperity, happiness and success.
We will teach trainees strategies relating to the following training modules to help their clients focus to find the answers they seek, to successfully deal with concerns. This will be a restoration and renewal time to discover, re-discover, re-embrace and celebrate Women’ Economic, Social, Parental and Leadership Gifts of Purpose!

Training Modules

The trainee participant will be provided with strategies and tools to help their clients to understand who they are and how to build a successful and resilient lifestyle in career, social, economic and leadership development.

The Modules

  1. Woman Who Are You? Understanding and Establishing Your Authentic Self Through the following :-
    • Personal relationships management
    • Self-love
    • Discovering the authentic self
    • Discovering and sustaining the Positive mindset
    • Goal setting
    • Increased income Earning Potential
    • Increased joy and passion
    • Increased self-confidence
    • Creating a life of abundance
    • Reducing stress and anxiety
    • Getting rid of limiting beliefs
    • Building Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Self-motivation
    • Essential Skills for supporting survivors of gender-based violence
    • Helping your client to deal with rape and other sexual violence
    • Understanding the woman’s role in raising resilient children
    • Women‘s Empowerment as a Catalyst for Transformation in Raising 21st Century Families
  2. Stepping into Your Power: It’s an Inside Job: “Empowered to Nurture, Inspire, Motivate & Transform” 
  3. Reducing the Economic and Social Vulnerabilities of Women: Re-engineering the Empowerment Strategies and Sustainable Funding Support Mechanisms.  
  4. Centering the Gender Parity Conversation  
  5. The 21st Century Woman “Raising and Celebrating the 21st Century Female Child  
  6. The 21st Century Man “Raising and Celebrating the 21st Century Male Child  
  7. “Everyone’s Child”: A Parents’ Colloquy; Positive Parenting Strategies about the Parent /Child Partnership Approach to Raising Resilient & Successful Children  
  8. Knowing and Educating Your Children on the Rights of the Child.

This will be a restoration and renewal time to re-discover, re-embrace and celebrate Women and Parental Power! This is an invitation to a renewal of vitality and spirited purpose within each participant’s life. Exploration of that call within us to “creative action” within the expression of life in family, work and community. A time of Discovering how to cultivate inner capacity to live a more authentic, meaningful and engaged life of abundance. Our esteemed Presenters and keynote speakers will help participants to find the clarity, understanding and courage to bring out their true selves, to live the life of purpose we were all intended to live!