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She Is A Diamond

While yet covered in earth, your true beauty was still unknown.
It took a special Someone to position you just right,
To put your being through the process of their eternal delight…
And when He was nearly finished with you,
He said “Through you, I’ll shine my Light and the world will know you as a diamond!”
You are,
Sophisticated in beauty,
Brilliant, yet tough and
What’s tougher than a diamond?
You are a girl’s best friend, Polished with hope and Expectation,
Bringing a brighter tomorrow for The one who will behold you…

Dr Marlyn Morris is that Diamond.

By Constance Martin

What participants say:

“A truly unforgettable experience!” …
“An amazing and empowered woman” …
“A woman who is so humble, yet so powerful and passionate” …

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